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Welcome to IAAO!

The International Associtation of Amusement Operators - IAAO is a web based community for smaller amusement parks, fun centers, indoor party centers and amusement attractions typically under 20,000 square feet and with fewer than 30 employees. The mandate for IAAO is helping amusement center operators and new fun center developers;

1. Drive more traffic - more often.
2. Find the resources and partners necessary to start, manage and grow their amusement business.
3. Educate and inform our association members through online webinars, podcasts, video and member only content.
4. Save our members money through exclusive relationships with amusement equipment and service providers.

If you are an operator or a new amusement business developer, we invite you to review the many great reasons to be associated with IAAO - the International Association of Amusement Operators.

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IAAO is pleased to offer our members exclusive access to insurance savings for their amusement business, along with discounts on consummables like paper products, concessionary items and other daily use products. In addition, the IAAO amusement association is about helping our members increase their sales through inexpensive, grass roots and social marketing campaigns.

For smaller amusement operators, finding the time to visit the tradeshows is not always an option. To address this, IAAO offers it's amusement attraction members online educational programming via a growing menu of video webinars and podcasts. One distinct advantage IAAO offers is a rich community of amusement owners and operators willing and excited to share and learn from each other.

Amusement Operators

Our staff has been in the trenches working in smaller facilities with owner/operators. These owners are usually the same person who acts as manager, runs customer service, the IT department, the accounting department and handles most of the sales and marketing, as well as cleans the washrooms and runs pizza to the party rooms.

We know the daily challenges of these smaller operations and have seen that there is a distinct vacuum in resources, services and guidance for these multi-hat operators. Every day it's about finding operational efficiencies to cut costs and grow sales.

More Traffic - More Often

For fun center operators, our motto is "More traffic, more often" and is 100% operator focused.

At the end of the day, what really matters for an amusement operator is profitability. Without profitability you have no business, you can't offer employment opportunities to your community, you can't provide a needed service to families and their children. Profitability comes from efficient operations and providing a great guest experience, that translates back into more traffic, more often.

IAAO's mandate is to provide the resources, education and events to help established and new amusement center owners and operators, find these daily efficiencies to best manage and grow their amusement business.

Amusement Developers

Since 1999 the FEC Network has been assisting new amusement developers with guidance, materials and resources to help understand the business, the local opportunity and to develop their fun center concept and project plans.

IAAO for amusement developers is the next step in that process. A single online resource to help those eager and motivated business entrepreneurs, find the resources and guidance to start, manage and grow their amusement attraction business.

Resources & Support

With an emphasis on smaller attractions, fun centers, indoor party centers, play cafe's and other speciality stores such as stand alone laser tag centers, IAAO provides a community of resources and support for your project development.

The IAAO newsletter and Blog are great resources to inform, educate and motivate you along the path to startup. You will also want to check out the Startup Academy program and the Knowledge Center as part of your IAAO membership or as individual programs you can take as your project demands.

Either way, we salute the actions you are taking and the path you are on to control your own destiny and provide a place of quality family time and community value.

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